Health benefits of Vietnamese food

If you have eaten Vietnamese food before or if you know anything about the cuisine, you will notice an absence of many of the ingredients that make other cultures overweight and unhealthy. On the whole, Vietnamese food is light and very fresh. Plus, you’ll get large doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin B’s, folate, biotin copper, and zinc.

It’s fair to mention that diet isn’t the only healthy part of Vietnamese life. Besides the healthy food, the culture is one of activity and motion. People are always on the move, whether it’s taking care of kids or doing Tai Chi. This, combined with the food, is an integral part of what keeps Vietnamese people healthy and trim.

Here are several health benefits of Vietnamese food:

  1. It is full of antioxidants.

Vitamin A and Vitamin E are known worldwide for their ability to ward off free radicals in the body. These vitamins keep you looking young by preventing wrinkles, and they also help your body heal faster and lower your risk of cancer.

  1. It aids your digestive system.

Eating a diet of unprocessed foods is good for gut health. Along with fresh fruits and vegetables served at almost every meal, many Vietnamese dishes also come with fresh spices and herbs. Pho, for example, is almost always served with coriander and mint, both known for their ability to support liver function and for relieving heartburn and upset stomach.

  1. It makes your hair healthy and strong.

All the vitamins and minerals required for strong, healthy hair are found in practically every Vietnamese dish. Iron and protein are found in soups, meat dishes and even some vegetarian ones. Vitamin C, which is plentiful in fruits and vegetables, helps the body to absorb iron. This means that different ingredients in the same meal work together to help you grow long, beautiful hair.

  1. It’s sugar free.

The palette is completely different, with no preference shown for sweet things. Vietnamese people do not eat desserts like the ones Westerners eat. After-dinner ‘sweets’ consist of bowls full of fruit – no sugar, no whipped cream, no ice cream. Plus, Vietnamese people tend to eat fruits a little on the green side, so they are more bitter than sweet. The food itself is more savory than sweet, even for dipping sauces.

  1. It keeps your blood sugar stable.

Obviously, if you aren’t eating that much sugar, then your blood glucose levels won’t be high. But for people who have naturally high blood sugar, eating Vietnamese food can help keep those numbers stable. The reason? Most Vietnamese dishes are prepared with rice in place of wheat. Ingredients such as rice noodles and rice flour prevent blood sugar from spiking and dropping the way wheat products do.

  1. It will help you lose weight.

The flavor of Vietnamese food doesn’t come from cheese, heavy cream and butter. It comes from fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, which means that you’ll be satisfied with the flavor without packing in the calories.

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