Best seasonings for Vietnamese food

Vietnamese food may look plain and simple, but it’s packed with abundant flavor that you’ll never see coming until the first delicious bite. A typical meal for a family might include long-grain white rice, meat (seafood, fish, meat or tofu) that is steamed, stewed, grilled, boiled or stir-fried with vegetables, and vegetables that are fresh, pickled or steamed.

As you can see, it’s a healthy diet that does not include much dairy. Therefore, every bit of the flavor comes from adding fresh herbs and spices to the food during preparation or just before serving. Continue reading Best seasonings for Vietnamese food

Great Vietnamese restaurants in San Antonio

Adventurous Texans can rejoice in the abundance of restaurants in their great state which feature foods from all around the world. Vietnamese food is a simple, understated cuisine that has become a top choice for American diners looking for delicious new dishes.

San Antonio has dozens of Vietnamese restaurants scattered all over the city. While most are casual dining, complementing the theme of uncomplicated, tasty food, some of these restaurants are a little fancier, offering open air dining and modern décor.

Read on to find some great Vietnamese restaurants in San Antonio, Texas! Continue reading Great Vietnamese restaurants in San Antonio

Great Vietnamese restaurants in Sarasota, FL

Sarasota is synonymous with a laid-back lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean there’s any shortage of adventurous eats!

If you’ve never tried Vietnamese food, you should. Besides being delicious, Vietnamese food is also very healthy because it utilizes very little oil or dairy. The amazing flavors come from an array of herbs and spices plus time-honored preparation techniques. Vietnamese food is excellent for anyone following a vegetarian diet or for those who prefer fresh vegetables and herbs to greasy burgers.

Chances are, if you are craving Vietnamese food, there’s a great restaurant just around the corner. Here are a few of the best ones in Sarasota, Florida. Continue reading Great Vietnamese restaurants in Sarasota, FL

Health benefits of Vietnamese food

If you have eaten Vietnamese food before or if you know anything about the cuisine, you will notice an absence of many of the ingredients that make other cultures overweight and unhealthy. On the whole, Vietnamese food is light and very fresh. Plus, you’ll get large doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin B’s, folate, biotin copper, and zinc.

It’s fair to mention that diet isn’t the only healthy part of Vietnamese life. Besides the healthy food, the culture is one of activity and motion. People are always on the move, whether it’s taking care of kids or doing Tai Chi. This, combined with the food, is an integral part of what keeps Vietnamese people healthy and trim. Continue reading Health benefits of Vietnamese food